Strategic Relationship Management


Strategic Relationship Management is a structured process for turning customers into long-term business partners and advocates. In a world of fast-paced, results-orientated business, a key problem for many organisations is the failure to realise the importance of building strong client relationships until it is too late.

Without a clear understanding of the client’s requirements, actually meeting client expectations becomes a matter of pure chance. Furthermore, even when service provision is highly competent, organisations can fail to ensure that this reality translates into a client perception of exceptional service quality.

The SMG Strategic Relationship Management (SRM) Framework provides a practical approach to creating and maintaining relationships with key stakeholders that optimises the effects of service quality and maximises both transaction security (i.e. client stability) and relationship utility (i.e. profit). This is achieved through the systematic assessment and structured management of client relationships.

  1. Research and Analysis (data gathering and assessment to generate current reports to inform the SRM Process and facilitate tracking of the SRM Process against KPIs)
  2. Strategic Discussions (one-on-one interventions with key individuals to ensure transition through pivotal points at which the SRM Process could otherwise be de-railed)
  3. Workshops (facilitated group analysis and brainstorming sessions to determine steps moving forward)
  4. Coaching (one-on-one or group sessions for key SRM Leaders to ensure ongoing leadership development, prompt resolution of issues and maintained momentum of the SRM Process)
  5. Training (knowledge transfer and capability development in key areas that will determine success of the Process)

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