Our Team

Our team of highly experienced, seasoned professionals holds a broad and diverse range of industry and subject-matter expertise. We also partner with other specialist consultants where specific skills may help achieve client objectives.


Joe Foster
  • Relocated to Australia at the request of Kerry Packer in 1993 from his native USA to become Managing Director for Huntsman Chemical Company Australia
  • Experienced senior executive, CEO and director with an impressive track record of developing and running successful businesses and teams in large, complex manufacturing and logistical/distribution businesses
  • Expertise in the areas of strategic analysis, culture alignment with strategy, leadership development and executive coaching

Peter Burow

Peter Burow
  • Peter is an expert in leadership and team development, transformational change and employee engagement. Peter is internationally regarded as a trusted advisor and expert facilitator of senior executive teams in driving individual, team and organisational performance.
  • He specialises in helping businesses understand human behaviour through the integration of psychology, best practice management and neuroscience. Peter is the author of numerous books and a partner of a number of consulting firms that specialise in applying the latest insights about human behaviour to leadership, team and cultural development, corporate governance and restructuring, customer research, advertising and marketing and strategic planning.

Zane Harris
  • Zane is a human resources professional with extensive experience managing organisational-wide change and learning and development programs
  • He specialises in applying the insights from neuroscience to significantly accelerate the development of teams in order to drive organisational performance and create cultural alignment within blue chip corporations, government departments and rapidly growing SMEs
  • He trains senior leaders in a range of organisations across Australia, South East Asia and the Middle East

Anna Byrne
  • Anna has a background in law, political science and psychology with significant experience in the development, implementation and management of organisational change and transformation programs that solve complex problems, shift behaviour and drive employee engagement
  • She has a particular interest in applying behavioural strategies to develop initiatives that optimise engagement, accelerate the embedding of change and drive tangible change in the workplace
  • She specialises in coaching leaders and managers in transformational project management, employee engagement and strategic communications

Misha Byrne
  • Misha is an awarded neuroscientist with a background in researching the brain mechanisms behind how we monitor and improve our own performance
  • He has extensive experience in the collection and analysis of research data in marketing, stakeholder engagement and cultural analysis and has worked as a researcher in Cognitive Neuroscience at the Queensland Brain Institute with a specific focus in quantitative behavioural genetics
  • He specialises in taking the latest insights from neuroscience and creating real-world business applications

L. Antonio Chevez
  • Antonio has a background in indigenous health, community health education, applied health science, counselling and coaching
  • He is Chief of the Indigenous (tribal) Government of the Lenca People of El Salvador in Central America and has significant experience in building communities and creating behavioural change and engagement at a grass-roots level
  • His community and tribal development expertise has enabled him to be part of high level discussions at the United Nations and other international forums. See more
  • He specialises in applying insights about people and integrating them with traditional engagement methodologies to build sustainable teams, communities and associations

Wade McFarlane
  • Wade is a social researcher with a background in Accounting and over a decade of experience in organisational and cultural analysis and expertise in applying the Core Beliefs framework to organisation behavioural change
  • He heads SMG’s Field Research Division and manages the ´engine room´ of the consultancy to provide clients with results that can be applied to achieve their specific needs
  • He specialises in applying the Core Beliefs framework to team engagement, stakeholder analysis and organisational change and has specific knowledge and experience in profiling using the Core Belief Framework

Anna Waters
  • Anna is a registered psychologist who specialises in organisational psychology. She has extensive experience in research, analysis and interpretation of best practice culture change, engagement and leadership interventions
  • Anna believes in delivering practical interventions based on the latest research in neuroscience to produce measurable results for an organisation
  • As a consulting psychologist, Anna works with organisations to deliver training and development, conflict management, employee engagement, change management, outplacement services, organisational surveys and employee health and wellbeing initiatives

Charmaine Lock
  • Charmaine is a qualified behavioural scientist with a background in team and leadership development, client engagement strategy development and neuromarketing research.
  • Charmaine has a particular interest in applying the NeuroPower framework to organisation behaviour change and client experience management.
  • Charmaine has extensive experience working with teams at all levels of an organisation to help solve complex people problems in challenging and dynamic environments.

Todd Montgomery
  • Todd Montgomery is an organisational development and engagement communications consultant with over 20 years of experience in Canada, the UK, Asia and Australia. He specialises in working with lead teams and frontline staff to align leadership vision, processes, people and culture.
  • His experience across multiple industries and sectors enables him to quickly come to grips with a client’s particular context and needs, in order to propose strategies that best contribute to project objectives.
  • Todd is a Certified Master Coach (CMC) and provides leadership, team and performance coaching related to the NeuroPower framework.
  • His roles at SMG include account management, field research, copywriting and content development, as well as workshop facilitation and training delivery

Sandy Harris
  • Sandy has a background in education, community engagement, restorative justice, counseling and coaching
  • She has extensive experience in developing and facilitating educational programs based on authentic communication, engaging stakeholders in the development of community-based solutions to shared goals and challenges, and facilitating dispute resolution processes that lead to empowered outcomes
  • She specializes in emotional intelligence and works collaboratively with individuals and teams to effect behavioural and attitudinal change

Ben Shepley
  • Ben is a business strategist with particular focus on change management and corporate communications in commercial, Government & quasi-government sectors. His expertise has been accumulated over 20 years across Government & enterprise markets for companies ranging from Professional services to Oil and Gas Industry.
  • Ben’s in-depth knowledge and understanding of the continuous improvement methodologies, change management strategies, coupled with his relationship management skills provide a solid foundation for building working solutions to any problem.

Ceri Jury
  • Ceri Jury specialises in providing high level advice to senior executives on culture improvement, governance and organisational change in complex workplaces.
  • With a background in human resource management, economics and politics, Ceri’s particular interest is in supporting executives to implement initiatives to improve culture and climate within organisations.
  • Whilst working as the Executive Director of Workforce and Organisational Development at the Metro North Hospital and Health Service, Ceri achieved a number of significant project outcomes

Dale Thompson
  • Dale has a background in organisational psychology, and experience working across training and organisational development programs in public healthcare organisations.
  • In his work Dale focuses on evidence-based teaching and learning practices and effective learning evaluation techniques to ensure the best outcome of learning interventions.
  • He is an experienced co-facilitator, specialising in workshops focused on developing the performance standards and improving understanding the role and expectations of leaders across the health services

Darren Ramia-Topp
  • Darren is a widely experienced service professional with a passion for customer-centric strategy development, improvement and innovation.  
  • He is a specialist in 2nd tier strategic thinking, employee engagement and translating strategy into real world solutions that connect the strategy to the employee and the employee to the customer
  • He is experienced in working at the executive level of organisations to direct, coach and guide leaders and teams on how to understand, introduce and deliver sustainable, customer-centric change.

Georgia Storr
  • Georgia is a qualified change practitioner with a solid background in communications and psychology with majors in organisational and social psychology; resulting in the unique ability to effectively engage, lead change and drive successful outcomes.
  • She has enjoyed success through utilising change management methodologies to support business growth through cultural, process or organisational change.
  • Georgia has strong organisational and collaboration skills resulting in professional delivery within tight deadlines and an excellent ability to quickly understand people, identify motivations for different stakeholders, and to understand the interaction between different team members or stakeholders.

Kristyna Dillon
  • Kristyna has held senior executive roles across a number of government departments in Queensland and the Northern Territory. Kristyna has most recently performed the role of head of human resources for the Department of Health in the Northern Territory.
  • Additionally, she is experienced in business strategy, corporate governance, change management, procurement, financial management and risk management. Kristyna’s experience in Queensland has been across portfolios including health, Indigenous Affairs, local government and the criminal justice system.
  • She brings significant knowledge and understanding of the public sector and the cultural dynamics within organisations.

Karen Green
  • Senior level HR professional with significant experience in delivering HR generalist, organisational development, workforce development and strategic workforce planning roles within a number of corporate, insurance and government industries.
  • Karen is a specialist in the area of human behaviours and performance in the workplace with expertise in coaching executives and teams to deliver outstanding performance. 
  • Karen recently won a national workplace excellence award for a leadership performance program developed under my tenure, as Managing Director, at PreViso.

Kym Christensen
  • Kym is a lawyer and chartered company secretary with extensive experience working in various legal, governance and company secretary roles in the listed, private, government, not-for-profit and parliamentary sectors.
  • Her  roles have included body corporate law and commercial litigation, board governance and performance reviews of listed and private organisations to identify board performance improvement opportunities and governance framework gaps.
  • She is  a regular speaker on governance related topics at the Governance Institute of Australia.

Mark Hoogsteyns
  • Mark has consulted/contracted for several years and uses this broad base of experience to bring client’s specialist people, change and systems solutions. Mark also specialises in start ups, turnarounds and improving operational effectiveness.
  • Mark also has a passion for economic development, having worked at the Qld Chamber of Commerce & Industry, served on economic development boards and boards of chambers of commerce.
  • He has worked in many different types of roles, across different industries. A senior management generalist with a systems ‘brain’, who is great with people, and loves solving problems!

Charmaine Ng
  • Charmaine is a multi-disciplinary designer in constant reinvention. Embracing diverse projects with fervor, Charmaine has contributed to the Westfield Carindale, ISPT Wintergarden re-developments and Chadstone’s 2012 Christmas campaign.
  • Charmaine has also headed the re-branding for Gapuwiyak Culture and Arts Aboriginal Corporation, a nonprofit organisation in the remote East Arnhem Land community, as well as created numerous new brands, restaurants and spas across Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore.