In Practice

As a result of our partnerships, our client organisations achieve transformational change and outperform their competitors.

We achieve this through the following:

  • We offer you a choice of who works with you
  • Cultural orientation speeds up integration
  • Frequent client check ins to co-create, solve challenges, update approach and build relational strength
  • Access to experienced professionals as a brains trust for solving problems
  • Opportunities to share resources between client organisation and Strategic Momentum Group
  • Collaborative planning around the pipeline of work and demand
Our Process for Transformation

All new processes, projects and initiatives follow a sequenced, predictable and observable process. This process has six phases that build on each other (ie. include & transcend).

This transformation is observable regardless of whether the process is guided and shaped by a leader. The only question is whether each of the phases builds towards the achievement of desirable, strategically aligned objectives or are dedicated to thwarting the proposed initiative.