About SMG

Strategic Momentum Group (SMG) specialises in building leadership and frontline abilities that enable organisations to manage current and future challenges. This is achieved by helping businesses apply insights about people's core needs and drivers and best practice business thinking to drive individual, team and organisational performance.

Established in 2008, SMG has built its approach on the practical experience and insights gained by partners Joe Foster and Peter Burow over more than 40 combined years of working with teams and organisations.

Joe Foster has 13 years experience as a CEO and Director including running 3 international organisations and is an expert in aligning cultures and practices with strategic objectives, creating high performance teams and leadership development. He also consults widely in governance and assurance in Australia, Papua New Guinea and the South Pacific.

Peter Burow is an expert in change management, employee engagement and leadership development who is regarded as a ‘trusted advisor’ by senior executive teams within Australia and internationally.

Peter and Joe lead a team of highly experienced, seasoned professionals with local market knowledge and extensive training and experience in leadership, behavioural strategy and specific areas of specialty. As a team, SMG holds a broad and diverse range of industry and subject-matter expertise from which to draw in helping clients meet the challenges of demanding and dynamic operating environments.

SMG takes pride in being a Brisbane-based business with a national and international consulting presence.