Engaging People with Your Strategy
There is no quick fix for the complex issues within an organisation. We can’t give you a quick fix, and no one else can either. But what we can offer is access to methodologies based on a deep understanding of people and a strong partnership with our team. Together, we’ll make sense of the complex issues and engage your people to achieve your strategy.
Through partnering with us, your organisation will:
  • Employ a united change strategy across the business
  • Drive individual, team and organisational performance
  • Build a partnership to effectively manage change and engagement interventions
  • Gain access to our best practice model of change management
  • Increase internal capability through a true partnership and shared resources, and
  • Work alongside our contractors who are trained to effectively apply our principles and practices
What we believe in:

Our team is diverse, dynamic and drives for consistent quality and results. We conduct ourselves to the highest levels of ethics and integrity and work in line with the following principles.

  • Integrated solutions over quick fixes
  • Relationships over recognition
  • Practical applications over academic theories
  • Supporting people through transformation over driving top down agendas


Strategic Momentum Group (SMG) specialises in building leadership and frontline abilities that enable organisations to manage current and future challenges. This is achieved by helping businesses apply insights about people's core needs and drivers and best practice business thinking to drive individual, team and organisational performance.

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With experience and a proven track record across both the public and private sectors, SMG offers expert services and outcomes in all areas of business

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Change is possible when behaviours, cognitions and emotions are considered and transformed through management, leadership and emotional engagement.

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